-I became interested in tattoos as a 7-year old when I went with my brother when he was getting tattooed.
I´ve been tattooing since 1985 and in 1988 Nicklas Westin asked me if I could teach him how to tattoo.
He became my trainee and in 1993 we opened the studio Skinscribe Tattoo in Sundsvall.

Ed Hardy, Karl Barba, Greg Irons
Doc Forest, Mia, + many others.

Free hand drawings, religious, animals, japanese and everything else!


-I´ve always been interested in painting, drawing and art in various forms. I´ve been painting and drawing all my life and when I bought my first issue of "Tattoo" as a 13-14 year old I was stuck!
Shortly after that I started to make fake tattoos on my friends and classmates and as a 15-year old I knew I wanted to be a tattooist. Seven years later I met Ernie and got to be his trainee at
Sundsvall Tattoo Studio and now, about five years later, we´re partners.

Inspiration: Ernie, Doc Forest
Mia, Paul Booth, Philip Leu

Free hand drawings, new school, horror, skulls and cover-ups!